Friday, November 21, 2008

Holiday Survival

Now is a great time to introduce you to flower essences. They are wonderful little tools I have in my tool box and that each of you can use as well. In fact some should be in your bathroom cabinet for year round use.

We all look forward to the holiday season with varying emotions. We can swing from the innocent excitement of childhood to the absolute dread of the upcoming family gathering on a moment’s notice. Add to that all the push from advertisers to buy more than we feel comfortable with and the flurry of social obligations at this time of year, and it’s not a wonder we often end up anxious, depressed and stuffing our faces with food (and stuffing those emotions). This year, let flower essences come to your rescue.

What are flower essences? Flower essences are exquisite gifts from nature that act as messengers of inner health and harmony. They are liquid infusions of individual plants . Through the infusion process, the liquid picks up the specific imprinting of the substance that responds to balancing, repairing and rebuilding imbalances on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. They are potentized, vibrational remedies that derive their beneficial powers from the inherent life forces of the plant. Flower essences act as catalysts in the healing process rather than suppressing or controlling symptoms.Flower essences work on a vibrational level. Each flower has a distinct signature described by its color, smell, shape and when, where and how it grows and blooms. This signature defines the flower's particular therapeutic value. Each flower has a unique energy pattern associated with its signature that directly corresponds to our body's electrical and nervous systems. The plant's energy patterns travel to the parts of our system that are out of balance, overloaded, short circuited or in need of life force energy. The flower essences have the ability to balance and change our energy patterns, opening the door to a new, positive and expanded outlook. For more info on flower essences go to:

Let’s look into the holiday survival kit. The first remedy that one should always have available is either Bach’s Rescue Remedy or FES’s Five Flower Formula. This is my “Don’t leave home without it” formula. I literally carry it in my purse and glove box. This remedy is extremely effective for any type of stress, trauma or emergency. I have used this in so many cases with people, animals and plants.

So, what kind of stress, trauma or emergency might we encounter during the holidays? Hmm… let’s see. There’s the third grade class play that your child (or you) is stressing over, the family disagreements that always seem to arise when loving families gather, screaming kids, barking dogs. It’s the first holiday meal you are preparing for your in-laws, being dragged along to carry bags on Black Friday. Maybe being at the receiving end of dear Auntie’s criticism or the family member that has had one too many and wants to drag up all the ill will since you were two and your inner child is screaming and having it’s own tantrum. These are all good applications for Rescue Remedy or Five Flower Formula. A few quick drops under your tongue and you can relax and let it all slide off your back like a duck with rain.

I don’t want to put any attention on the major things that may call for the use of Rescue Remedy, Law of Attraction being what it is. Let’s just suffice it to say, the this remedy is extremely helpful in emergency situations to keep a person or a pet from going into shock until they can acquire medical treatment.

There are other great remedies for use during the holidays. Chamomile is great for emotional overwhelm. And Dill is great when the kids are in total overwhelm from all that is going on around them. And for the Night Before Christmas when you’re trying to get the little ones to sleep, a combo of Chamomile and White Chestnut with a little Lavender should lull them to sleep or my Sweet Dreams formula. And of course this combo will help Mom in her kerchief and Dad in his cap, relax as well.

For those who take on too many responsibilities during the holidays there is Hornbeam and Centaury. Hornbeam is for taking on of too many tasks and Centaury is what I call my “Just say NO” remedy. And to draw this to a close, for those who seem to feel bombarded with everyone else’s stuff, from Uncle Fred to the masses in the mall, I suggest my Aura Bubble formula. Aura Bubble and Sweet Dreams are available at

I'd be happy to assist you with your flower essence needs. Just email me at

Here’s wishing everyone a calm and joyous holiday season.

Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Computers, Hypnosis and Shamanism

Sorry it's been so long since the last post. Sometimes the shaman gets redirected to the real world of work. I have been revamping our website and expect to have our new shopping cart active by the end of this coming week. The shopping cart had a major trauma and lost several soul pieces that the programmers could not retrieve. Even the shaman we called in threw up her hands and said "No way!" So, we had to start from scratch with a new program and it has been taking a very large amount of my time over the last month or so. You know programs never work the way they tell you they will. (Now that's a perfect segway into today's topic.)

Since we're talking about computers... let's talk about yours. Do you know you each own the most powerful computer available? No, not the one on your desk, the one in your head! That’s right. Your mind is the most powerful computer there is. It stores EVERYTHING you have ever heard, read, saw or experienced. It’s all stored in your personal hard drive.

Throughout your life, your subconscious mind receives and retains, neither accepting nor rejecting, all the messages you receive from your background, plus all the conflicts (little or big) that enter your life daily. When, for whatever reason, the conscious becomes overloaded, the subconscious prepares you for what it considers appropriate action. However, since the subconscious mind does not analyze and accepts all messages in the literal sense, this action may not really be correct for you now. Foot stomping tantrums don't help much when you're 40!

Hypnosis is a tool to help you change your life to what you want it to be. Like your computer, you want to install software that meets your needs. Hypnosis helps remove the old software that no longer functions effectively and install new programs designed to help you create the life you choose.

Habits, such as smoking and food choices, stresses, anxieties, attitudes, or perceived deficiencies take root in the subconscious, creating unstable icons on your mental computer’s desktop. To change these patterns, you have to un-install the old software and icons and replace them with new links that are attached to the new programs designed to meet for your current goals and desires.

The subconscious is also the place where all memory is stored. Traumatic events can be buried or suppressed in the directories of the subconscious. Hypnotherapy and shamanic journeys can help to uncover and bring into the light of understanding the buried information or experience which may be the cause of behaviors that you would like to change. I like to use a shamanic journey to recover the soul piece that was lost during the trauma, then use hypnosis to reprogram the behaviors or unhealthy patterns that have developed to cope with the feelings and emotions surrounding the experience.

Hypnosis is a simply a form of communication that coordinates your conscious and subconscious minds. Once you have agreement between the two parts of your mind, you can visualize and change your reality. It’s like getting new custom designed software for your computer, software that is designed to help you quickly and easily achieve your dreams, goals and full potential.

I do offer both shamanic journeys and hypnosis sessions by telephone, so you don't have to be in Phoenix for a session. Both in-person and long-distance sessions work equally well. We just get to smile at each other face to face and share a hug if you're in my office. So, don't hesitate to call for a long distance session. For more on my hypno-shaman practice go to

The next blog will announce the new website and shopping cart with some exciting new products coming your way in the Shaman's Marketplace. And maybe a Blogger special!

Until next time.

Mitakuye Oyasin ( A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),