Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spirit Timing

Have you ever had one of those projects where you get going great guns and then boom, every step you take forward you take three back or come to a complete halt? When this happens to me, I call it “Spirit Timing”. There is something going on out of my sight that just isn’t ready for what I think I’m ready for. Usually it’s just a few days and all is in rhythm again.

Well, I told you a few blogs back about the DVD we were working on putting together called The Healing Ways of the Shaman – Shamanism and Soul Recovery. Well, now that it’s complete, I can look back and “smile and nod” as Gary would say, at the process, but at times it felt like we were mating llamas (it takes a lot of patience and they are what’s called “forced breeders” – they don’t just naturally “hook up”. But that’s another l-o-n-g story from our past).

The longer I walk the shamanic path, the more closely I find myself living in balance with the natural cycles of the seasons and the energy that it manifests. This is all part of my “Spirit Timing”. We began working on the DVDs around September and thought they would take about a month to get together. Well, we had to get the audio enhanced which meant going to an outside vender. Then there was the cover art, a new intro to record and a few other aspects that took us smack dab into November … right into my winter cycle. And as you know from my last blog, that’s hibernation time! What I get accomplished during the winter season is s-l-o-w. So, every time I would start on the completion of the DVD project, I would move ahead a step or two and then back two or three. Finally in frustration, I asked my guides what was the issue (just like everyone else, it takes me some head banging against the wall before I ask for help). I kept hearing "Wait for Imbolc. Wait for Imbolc."

For those who are not familiar, Imbolc is the threshold to spring (see Spring and the Sacred Garden blog 3/08). This is the time when the Earth begins to wake and the new energies of life begin to flow. So, I finally got to relax and turn the rest of my hibernation over to Spirit.

February 2 and Imbolc arrived and there was a flurry of activity. We had to record the new introduction (in the shadow of a Mercury Retrograde – so all the audio equipment was still giving up fits) AND I had a drum that had been waiting for Imbolc that was to be birthed that day. Imbolc was a long and busy day and I finally collapsed into my nice warm bed still warm from hibernation VERY early then next morning.

So, the lesson here is that next time you do the one step forward two steps back dance, STOP and listen. Ask you guidance what’s going on. More than likely somewhere you are out of sync with your cycle, whether it be personal or nature’s cycle. We really don’t need to wear bangs to cover up the head banging bruises!

On the up side, the DVD is done and available on our website and at the Shaman's Marketplace. We are currently offering an introductory special AND for our blog readers, if you enter the coupon code “blog” at check out your will receive a free 17 minute shamanic drumming CD! Check out
The Healing Ways of the Shaman – Shamanism and Soul Recovery.

Until Next Time –

Mitakuye Oyasin ( A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),