Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reconnecting With Nature's Widsom

It's been a busy few months here, getting settled and beginning projects that need to be done before winter and the rains come.

We have added to our "Barnyard Goddess" family. The last three baby chicks wouldn't let me pass them by at the farm bureau. Our current ladies are in "henopause" and have either quit or are laying occasionally. So, if we wanted fresh eggs, we needed to increase the flock. But they grew too fast and required a new half-way house until they were ready to integrate with the current Goddesses. This project had to take presidence.

In our time spending with the land, we have been given a name to call our place. So, when you hear us speak of Shaman's Grove, it is the property. We haven't changed our business name. We're still Shamanic Connection. 

Returning to life in the forest has really reawakened Nature’s call to us. Just the call to return to the forest has great significance for us. The forest is connected to creation and growth energy, free of controls and constrictions. We are visited daily by Crow (“The magic of creation is calling”) and Deer (“Gentle luring to a new adventure”) among others. Besides being awe struck by our daily nature adventures, the pot of creative juices has been well stirred. And, one of the fruits that bubbled to the top was a new blog, called Nature Wise, sharing information about the wisdom Mother Nature has to offer.

We are blessed by nature. It touches each of us in personal and special ways. “From the elements to the animals, from the plants and trees to stones and minerals, the natural world is one of our most powerful sources of spirit, wonder and wisdom. Every tree has its own magical story. Every plant has healing and every animal has spirit. Every cycle brings opportunity for change and growth. Familiar and exotic fragrances that tease and delight fill the air. The songs of birds awaken and soothe. The colors of plants, flowers and trees stir emotions and resonate subtly with our body and mind. And the appearance of an animal causes our spirit to soar. Nowhere does the spirit of the Divine manifest more clearly than within the natural world.” (Animal-Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great & Smallby Ted Andrews)

In the past shamans, priests, and priestesses were the keepers of Nature’s wisdom,  the sacred knowledge of life. They were connected with the rhythms and forces of nature. (read more)

Join us on our walks through nature.

Until next time -
Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer reminding us we are all related),