Saturday, April 17, 2010

Moving Day at Shamanic Connection

I know I said I wouldn't post until after the move, but I caught a few minutes between boxes, so I thought I would let everyone know how things are progressing for the trek to Oregon.

I just returned from the house hunting trip and have found us a wonderful place in a town called Central Point. It is a suburb of Medford, so we are only about 15 minutes away. Medford is a town of about 75k, so, not too big or too small. We were actually looking a little farther north toward Grants Pass, but I couldn't find a country home there, so we migrated south.

We decided to rent for a while since we love the whole Rogue River Valley. We can now take our time and  find the perfect place for the retreat.

The property we found is about 1.5 acres out of a larger parcel. The whole parcel is about 6 acres and has a creek behind the barn and an orchard. There is a lake within walking distance, and our street dead ends into the Rogue River. Our nearest neighbor is a large city lot away on the side and a good half mile behind us. So we will have quiet. Off to the north east is a large table mesa that overlooks the property.

We have a large 3 bedroom mobile home with lots of space to work and rattle about, since it will be just Gary and I, plus 2 cats. The property has a large barn shaped shop with an office, a huge green house (yes, I'm in heaven), gazebo, lots of garden space, a huge front yard and even a pad already set up for our hot tub.

Before we rented the property, I made an offering to the land spirits. I journeyed to the land to make my offering and was met by 3 spirits. The guardian of the mesa was an ancient male spirit, as was the river spirit. The spirit of the land was an ancient but beautiful female. When I made my request and offering, I was told by each that they would consider my offer. I thanked them and left. The next day the property was ours. I look forward to doing our first ceremony and offering thanks again to the spirits for welcoming us.

While I was gone, we rented our house here in Phoenix and have been finishing up the "I''ll get to that later list". It is now "later" and I'm amazed at how much we left on that list.

So, the next couple of weeks are invested in packing. After 12 years in this house, we have a lot of "stuff". I'm not a collecter, but we have several boxes of drums and back jacks and tons of business stuff to move. Then there is a garage full to tools and garden stuff, besides household things. You don't realize what you have until you try to pack it all!

We will be picking up our truck on May 1 and will be heading north bright and early on May 2. So, if you see a big U-Haul with a yellow motorcycle on a trailer, followed by a silver Tundra heading north, that's us. Gary get's the drive the U-Haul an I get to haul the cats :-(  -- I'm thinking a trip to the vet for something to help them with the ride is in order.

Our next blog will be from Oregon.

Until then -

Mitakuye Oyasin ( A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),