Wednesday, April 8, 2009

When Children Won’t Sleep – The Monster Under the Bed

It’s bedtime, Mom and Dad are exhausted, and little Billy refuses to go to sleep. He throws this huge tantrum each and every night, giving you all sorts of excuses as to why he can’t go to sleep. “There’s a monster under my bed”, “I’m scared”, “There’s something in my room”… Every parent has been through this at least a few times in their parenting career. Sometimes it is simply an excuse for Billy to stay up and play longer, but what about when this goes on night after night after night?

From the shamanic perspective, there may truly be an interloper in Billy’s room or in his dreams. Children are more open to experiencing the energies that surround them and have clear connections to their spiritual guides. As parents we see them talking to their “imaginary friends” and tease about the Boogey Man, but to the children, they are very real. The younger the child, the more closely they are still connected to the spiritual realm.

As a shaman, I have been called more than once to clean a child’s room and have quite literally removed the monster from under the bed. How or why it was there is anyone’s guess. Entities are often drawn to the light, and children are pure light. Other entities simply remain on the land or in the premises when they should be crossed over. Every shaman carries their own bottle of “Monster Spray” and once the entities are removed the child relaxes and is able to sleep.

Helping on the physical plane with the bottle of “Monster Repellant” is also helpful, especially when the bottle contains flower essences to cleanse and protect the room. I have used these successfully over the years to energetically clear the room and relax the babies to sleep. “Monster Repel” is available through

But, what about when the child refuses to sleep ALL THE TIME? Is there more going on? This was a recent case that was brought to me. The child was about 18 months old and getting him to sleep was a constant struggle. Other than bedtime, he was a very peaceful, happy child. Mom and Dad were at wit’s end. Grandpa was one of my regular clients and called to ask me to check out his room for any unwelcome energies or to assist him in any way.

My guides and I began our “critter hunt” by visiting the child’s house and found the house was clear. There were no monsters in the closets anywhere. So I asked if he had any soul pieces that needed to be returned relating to this issue. We were immediately taken to a past life somewhere around 500 AD. The infant was swaddled and placed in a cave at the beginning of spring as a sacrifice to the awakening animals. Here, he was left to be devoured by these animals in the dark. My guides entered the cave and removed the little guy and brought him out to safety. We unwrapped him and returned the soul piece home.

No wonder this little guy didn’t want to go into a crib in a dark room!!! This lost soul piece created an intense fear of the dark that he had been carrying with him for many lifetimes. Thanks to this very savvy Grandpa, this fear is now released and he no longer has to carry it with him. And, when they checked in, I was told the little guy was now sleeping peacefully at night and Mom and Dad were getting some over due rest.

Ah, the power of soul retrieval… It certainly makes me grateful every day to be able to serve as a tool for Spirit to assist people in making their lives more _________ (Fill in the blank. This could be peaceful, happy, healthy… or simply MORE.).

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Mitakuye Oyasin (A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),