Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just Smile and Nod

Wow! This is all I’m able to say or express at the conclusion of doing a Five Day Shamanic Individual Retreat with a client. I have performed shamanic journeys for others for years and am still amazed by the results….but what is gained and accomplished by an individual in this Five Day Retreat takes the shamanic journey several orders of magnitude deeper or higher or just …WOW! (It’s the only descriptive term I have left!)

Client’s responses ranged from; “This is the first time in my life that I have and feel freedom; this is way more than I expected.” (repeated through out the five days) to “Way cool”, as well as several other attempts at expressing. But a stutter effect just took over and we both just smiled and nodded, as language simply could not describe what was experienced.

The focus of the Five Day Shamanic Intensive-Individual Retreat is to identify and resolve fears, blocks and resistances. The week begins by learning the shamanic journey process and connecting the participant with their personal guidance group. Then the participant performs shamanic journeys on themselves to clear their fears, blocks and recover missing parts of their self. They also identify, clarify and bring into balance various aspects of themselves. Other ceremonies and tools are used throughout the retreat as directed by Spirit. And, as expected by those who know my coyote nature, the retreat also includes a healthy dose of fun and laughter!

At the conclusion of the five days, I ask what the client thinks and feels about their experience. Often I am met a glazed look in their eyes, or their mouth opening and closing…but no words coming out, or a perplexed expression as they mentally try to finds words of expression that do not exist. Clients have expressed: “I have clarity of self!” “I feel so powerful doing this myself!” “I feel myself for the first time in my life!” “I had no idea that I carried that!” “This is so much more that I expected! This is worth 100,000 times the cost! This is priceless!”

So as I conclude a Five Day Shamanic Intensive-Individual Retreat and witness the vibrant, whole spirit in front of me, I am humbled, honored, exhilarated and WOWed!

I am looking forward to the next “5 day” and again being a part of assisting and supporting another person into themselves…after which we just Smile and Nod…Smile and Nod.

So until next time --- Just smile and nod.... smile and nod.

Mitakuye Oyasin ( A Lakota prayer as a reminder that we are all related),